Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long post beware!

This is Horton. He did an amazing job in his Seussical the musical as the lead character. It was a limited budget, during the day event, but we loved him standing out from the crowd and taking a risk.
On Easter weekend, we were able to go out to Mimi and Paw paws house and celebrate with my sister and her kiddos. My hubband suggested taking out the boat and he was soooo right. We went down to Conroe for a little dip. This is my Sis and her son. So cute!!

Here is the Young family gliding across the lake on the tube. If you look close the girls are smiling and the boy is clinging on for dear life.

Handsome. He is growing up so fast!

The Young'uns jumping on the tube.

Aww, There's my man. Isn't he just the CUTEST??

Those Young girls are so fun!!

Me, chillin-I am an expert. Don't hate.

Those Rogers girls.. a bit crazy but so so beautimus...

The boys and the boat.

These are the first pickings of the garden. I am so proud!! My sweetee made me two boxes and we have tomatoes ready to go red. I am determined to get more than the squirrels do so I am on tomato patrol!! I even went out with a flashlight tonight!!

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