Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bucket List

This summer I will be getting to do something I have always dreamed of but never thought I would:

I am going to see Spain, Monaco, Italy, Greece and Turkey! I am just so excited and surprised-I keep feeling like I need to pinch myself-it feels like a dream. For our fifteenth wedding anniversary, we wanted to take a trip. Italy, France or Greece were on my list of places I have always wanted to visit. One night the hubband came into the living room and showed me this great cruise. He is just the best!

I am just as excited to have some time with him that is longer than a day. This is the first real summer I have had time off in almost six years.
Now for photos for Mimi-

The boy was able to pitch a few times this season. During the last game, he pitched most of the time and did a great job. Here are some shots:

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