Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catch up

Almost a month to date. I have been meaning to write but... Currently I am procrastinating doing some work for work so instead I am downloading my photos and updating phone. Work, smerk-I will get to it in a bit.
So... new news well, I am giving up sugar until school ends. Yes I know it is hard, even impossible to believe but it is true. I have been sugar free for two days and although not loving it, I am loving that I am in charge of what I put in my mouth. Why you ask? Well the boys are giving something up for lent (cheese) and I thought I would join in. A little sacrifice never hurt anyone.
Second in big news is the retreat this weekend. A day to reunite with some of best creative friends and catch up. I am sad that June won't be with us as she is recovering from a surgery but I know I will feel her with me as she wishes she was there also!! Just knowing I will soon be unloading way too much stuff on Thursday makes this week back from Spring Break all the more pleasurable.
For more even big news... my parents are moving! YES, that's right. You say you didn't even know they were looking-us either!! I have two adventurous padres for sure. They are moving to a little house off of the golf course in Conroe. It is a cute house and I am excited for them.
The men I love...
First weekend on the boat this season.
Love a man who plants me a garden...


cstoler said...

You go my friend. Where are you off to this weekend and I will have to send June an email. I didn't know she had any surgery. Thanks for the update. Have a fun weekend.

Wilma said...

Have fun.