Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whirlwind isn't it?

Times just keeps slippin slippin into the future....
Those lyrics seem so appropriate as we are about to say good bye to January. Don't get me wrong-I am GLAD to say goodbye to that wicked cold weather but the month seemed to evaporate before my eyes.
This weekend was full to the brim. Friday we all went to the gym. I went to Fat Club (aka Team Weight Loss at Lifetime where I sweat profusely for one hour with other chubsters on the tread mill whilst a trainer encourages/pushes us) while the boys did some basketball skill work. WE then went over to Sugarlands Whole Foods where we bought what was to be our dinner. The hubband bought rainbow trout and I grabbed a handful of shrimp. Once home the men grilled the main while I did some yummy brussel sprouts. Yech, you may say but we love them. I cut off the ends and split them in the middle. I put them in a hot cast iron pan with a Tbsp of olive oil and a dab of butter. Salt, pepper and a lid over medium heat. I stir them ever so often and within 5-7 they are ready. I throw a dash of pistachios on top and YUM.
Saturday the boy had his second basketball game and we can see how he has grown mentally and physically. His endurance for running has increased and he understands basketball strategies better than most. My in-laws have come to both games so they enjoyed the day with us. The boy had baseball tryouts (real ones where they really watched each kiddo do all the baseball related stuff) and then on to Escalantes. Our family was trying to do it healthy so I had a taco, the hubband a salad (he was better than I) and the boy fajitas with whole wheat tortillas.
The in-laws left and I headed to the store. I really try to do it on Saturdays so I can enjoy Sundays. When I returned from the store, the hubband announce we needed to go to the emergency room. In October, (did I blog about this?) he had to go because his blood pressure plummeted while in the midst of an IBS attack. Since we have been eating healthy, he has had no IBS and has even been off his medicine. The difference this time is that they boy was with us. To say it was upsetting for him is underplaying it a bit. It is hard to see a parent struggle. They admitted my sweetie for the night and this afternoon he was able to come home. We are so thankful to live very near a good hospital. He has an appointment tomorrow with a gastro interologist to see what is going on inside his body. The attacks and dropping blood pressure come out of no where so I am anxious to find out what is up. The good news is that they did an MRI and all kinds of tests and found nothing.
Today was full of hospital visits and pick ups, cooking and laundry.
I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Wilma said...

Mechiel, I hope Dorian is doing better. Let us know.

cstoler said...

WOW. Girl you have certainly had your hands full. I hope Dorian is doing OK. Keep us posted. Hoping you find out what it is and it is an easy fix for him