Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am on an old laptop and watching an old movie (Sweet November 1968). The boys are at Mass. I am feeling just so grateful and when one finds themselves feeling gratitude I think the best thing to do it wallow in it as much as possible. Here is my short list:
  • I am grateful for faith. Believe what you will. God is amazing and I am grateful for my testimony and the beliefs of those I call dear.
  • I am grateful for family. Mine, his and ours. I have had two dinner dates with my boys, conversations about future trips and kisses and hugs.. glorious
  • I am grateful for creativity. I have been a cooking fiend... chicken lasagna rosa, homemade tomato soup, white bean chili... I made sugar cookies today for a shower.
  • I am grateful that today, with the boys help, I am FINALLY finished with putting away Christmas decor. I love to see it come and go-the decor.
  • I am grateful for many have been given to me, to us
  • I am grateful for my body-one of my biggest blessings. For those who know and see me, you know there is less of me. Thankful for Dr. Kalia-more on that to come.


Wilma said...

Chele, we are so proud of you and your family. Love, mom

Junie June said...

Chiel Cheil, I'm thankful for you - even though we are so far apart and don't get to chat much. Miss you!