Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Catch up

Well my sweet, sweet hubband was released on Sunday. The doctor in the hospital contacted their head gastro interologist and made an appointment for him. How's THAT for service?? So, he went on Thursday and he is, as I type drinking a ton of that nasty stuff that cleans you out so he can go for a scope tomorrow. I am honestly thrilled. Boys are so bad about going to doctors and I feel confident that they are going to find something (hopefully tiny) that we can fix. We know that it is not cancer and that was my biggest fear-so I am good. I am glad that was able to arrange to have the morning off to be with him. Thanks for the calls and comments-Carol, I miss you and we live so close by-hope to see you soon!

Here is the boy at basketball:

I always want to get great photos-he really is good. I never remember my camera so my phone is the camera and it doesn't capture what I see. They now train the other team to constantly cover him-if he gets the ball a basket is usually made. Do I sound like a proud mom???
And for the last piece of news... it is final. Tomorrow I will mail my doctoral application to SHSU. I don't know if I will get in-I feel excited just by the anticipation. I was in a group for my Masters and although it was tough, I really grew quite a bit.
Everyone have a great week.


Wilma said...

Mechiel hope Dorian is doing ok. You will never know how proud I am of you. Love, Mom

cstoler said...

Life tends to get in the way doesn't it. Here is hoping Dorian is ok. Keep me posted. I can't believe how much taller PJ is. WOW. I am intrigued by your brussel sprout recipe. Would love to know the amounts and ingred again. Miss you too.