Sunday, May 31, 2009

This weekend

This was one of those weekends that was so full it could have fit into two! This is a shot of the boy and I in the dugout at Bayland Park. To say it was hot was a huge understatement. The boy had closing ceremonies and received a statue for their team being #1 in their division.
At this age-boys-it is all out 1st place and trophies. So different than my interests as a girl. Many times after a softball game I would have to ask my parents who won!
Saturday we had a crawfish boil celebration for the team . Many many mud bugs were eaten and the boy was in the pool from 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm. We had 12 kids and as many adults. The most people at our house ever and it was a blast.
Sunday, we took the boy out for a special dinner at Melting Pot. He had been asking to go for weeks so we surprised him. We also told him about the joys of summer school and changes ahead for him. He will be at a different school next year and we drove by there on the way home.
I was sad to miss a special Pampered Chef party (gonna get a catalog!) but this was a full full weekend and such a sweet way to celebrate a great year and gratitude for our blessings!
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cstoler said...

Looks like a fun time for all. We missed you too. I wish we could be in two places at one time. The party closed out that day but we will be doing one in August and I will get you that catalog if you want. Sarah is doing a catalog party. Just let me know.