Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What to say, what to say

I read everyone's blog and I enjoy them so much-I should return the favor and write more often.
I went to Talbots outlet today. I had talked myself into buying this big blue leather bag I drooled over-of course when I got there it was gone! I had gone to window shop a few days ago and got a 40$ shirt for 6.75-that's a bargain ya'll! This is a cute oxford shirt (pink) with white collar and cuffs. Since doing the grovery game I have become more of a discount shopper and so I thought maybe I should look around and see if there are any other bargains. I ended up getting a pair of dress grey slacks, a knit navy jacket and a suit skirt for a little over 40. They were all 75% off. I love a good bargain!!

My knees are much better and tomorrow the doctor is going to stick a needle in both of them and give me back some cushion. I have somehow hurt my ankle so I am going to have him look at that as well. I weighed today and am SOOO grateful that despite eating whatever my heart desires, I am about at my normal, but not my heaviest weight of 217. I would like to say I am under 200 by August so lets see if I can mak that happen.

I am going to make myself a priority and treat myself as good as I do my child or husband.

Everyone have a great hump day!!

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