Friday, May 1, 2009


Today is Friday!!!!
Some weeks really need a FRIDAY and this one was one.
Between the flooding, the lack of air in half our building, the swine flu and some craziness (won't go into details) this was a week that couldn't end quick enough!!

The title of this post if friends.
Interestingly enough, both are named Robin!

The first Robin lives just out of Houston. She recently brought me some treats via my friend Kim. Thanks Robin!! I REALLY appreciate the thoughtfulness!!

My other Robyn, lives in Lake Charles. I basically twisted her arm and made her start a blog. Here it is If you go there and read-leave a comment. She will be surprised when she opens it and we all know how motivating those comments are!!

This weekend I will be with my friend Caroline at her lake house with three very rambunctious boys-pray for us!

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