Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scenes from the ghetto

It seems silly but this morning was so very stressful. I started the morning in a drug haze of la-la since my knee had been hurting the night before and I took a pain pill. So as the rain fell and fell and fell I just keep thinking about how much the hubband loves the rain while sleeping. I was woken for sure at 5:30 when the many many phone calls came. No info and lots of questions later I loaded the boy and tried to get to work. Here are some snapshots from our car. If you ever see the bayou, you know how astounding this is.
The boy and I had to turn around and go back home after and hour (I live 10 minutes from work) of traveling in and out of water-trying to get to work. At one time I was in the deepest water I have ever been in and I asked the boy to say a prayer. We both prayed and made it out after the car sputtered twice. The boy started to cry from the stress of it all and I decided to give up.
We went home, made breakfast and breathed. At 10, we headed back out and made it. We had 4 kids and 10 adults so all was well.
It is amazing to me that the roads now appear as if nothing happened. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for our safety and the safety of our kiddos. Have a great evening.
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Lynn said...

Hey Mechiel-Let me introduce myself....I am Lori's SIL, are you saying Lori who since she up and moved back to Kansas City? Maybe that can be a clue. If not email me, I want to protect her last name. :) When I started my blog she told me the only blog she has ever read is yours and I had her send me the link. I hope you don't mind that I have been following you for a while before I commented. You look like you are loving life, I loved your scrapbook layouts, and PJ sure has grown up! Come visit me.