Monday, May 4, 2009

Breathing and FUN

Well, first the fun..
Fun is going away for the weekend and sleeping, playing board games, eating yummy food, getting sun on your shoulders and RELAXING.
Fun is also getting a phone call telling you that you have won a new purse! So fun!! Thanks for choosing me.

Breathing means....
Inspired is in 2.5 days and ask me if I have ONE thing ready for it!!!!! Go ahead ask me. Gotta love the hubband who lets you have a complete freak out on Sunday and just calmly tells you he will help in any way.
Printed my supply list
Highlighted what I don't have already
Purchased my shuttle to and from
Made a binder to hold all my important papers
Have dinners made for the boys
Will pack clothes tonight
Breathe Breathe

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Robyn said...

I noticed that my little nest made your top ten .....Yeah. Notice it is Tuesaday morning and I am checking MY Blog and your's too. I could get into this. Thanks for all your help. My sister called yesterday and said...OMG you have a blogg, how 2008 you should be tweetering ( What the hell is that? I just learning blogging!) or at least on facebook. I told her to kiss my a--. Not sure how that went over , but she will get over it. I took some pictures of Molly on her birthday today and as soon as I figure out how to download them from the camera to the computer, fiqure where they went, and then figure out how to get them on my nest I will "blogg" some more.