Monday, March 9, 2009

Gotta love it

The boy had his first, official game tonight. They won 12 to 7. The cubs (that's us) are a tough team. The boy hit a double and made us proud. He also worked first base and catcher. I am the team mom (D signed me up for that!) and so we will be there, in force all season. Love that butt!

What do you do when you need some shoes to go with a grey outfit and you don't want to spend a lot of money? Well, lucky for me, after looking at and also Payless and coming up with bubkus I went to Marshalls and browsed around. I am lucky because I fit into some kids sizes. I LOVE Michael Kors clothes and shoes but can never afford them. The kids shoes were 19.99-very affordable.

I am posting this photo for my mom whom I gave endless grief to for many years for buying or wearing metallic shoes. Here's to ya mom!
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Jen said...

Love that butt and the shoes too!