Tuesday, March 3, 2009


New look for Spring. I had been thinking about choosing a new layout when my dear pal Carol mentioned them as well!! I knew it was a sign to bite the HTML bullet and choose one. House of Three has all kinds of backgrounds and headers. I love turquoise so it was easy to pick this one. The butterflies just say Spring-lovely!
What is going on in our little corner of the world?
The boy- heading into full blown baseball season. He is still growing in his mastery of Spanish.
The hubband-Working, working and working. This seems to be the season of bad knees around here and so today he is at the knee doc to see what can be done.
Me-Registering for the mini workshops at Inspired, moving my creative space and cooking up a storm. Work is great-I am so blessed to work with incredible people. Love the leaders as well-so inspiring to work with those who make you want to be more and be better.
Happy hump day tomorrow!!

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cstoler said...

Where are you moving your space to? Sounds like fun times in store and creating inspiration.