Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just because

Because Carol asked-Here is my new creative space. As with all things, it is a work in progress.
Yes, it is in my living room. The thought process behind this? Well, this room is the largest in our home and the least used. I use it to fold laundry in and we use it when my in-laws come (where we gather and chit-chat). We have another living area but it has less seating. In our everyday lives, it gets used more because it has a TV in it.
Here is a shot from the hallway looking into the entry. Ignore the boxes shoved in the corner (work in progress remember?!)
This is an opposing shot from our front door. Eventually, we hope to have a Laz-boy (yes, I know I hate them too!) so that the hubband can join me in here. That was really the driving force to this change. We both have things we do in the evening (me=create, him=work) and why not do them in close proximity as opposed to some of the smaller spaces in our house?
This shot is from the living looking towards the kitchen. It just makes me happy to be here.
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JeanetteS said...

It's beautiful! You have quite the scrapbook room. :)

cstoler said...

I love it. When you first told me about wanting to do this I though it would be perfect and it is.

Enjoy so neat.