Monday, January 26, 2009

This weekend was wonderful, wonderful. After a tough week full of cramps, drama and exhaustion, we were all ready for a break. Friday was our usual dinner at Escalantes and then the boys went onto baseball and I had some me time. I had read that Lane Bryant was going to go out of business in 2009 so I went over there and looked around. They had lots of cute stuff and I was very tempted, but I resisted buying clothes and went home to read. I was in bed early. Saturday I presented at a parent conference on Quality Pre-K programs. I was a bit of a Grinch about this beforehand but was so glad I did it. Many parents are struggling to know how to help their kids and where to find good programs. I then rushed over to my campus to see the folks doing GT testing. I stayed till about 2 and then went home. They boys were there and were ready for naps. After they woke, I took the boy on a date to BJ's brewery (they have great pizza) and to Target. The hubband and I watched a movie-Click-with Adam Sandler. It was different than I expected but good. Kind of a modern "It's a Wonderful Life". Also a great wake up call to both mom and dad who work too much. Sunday was church a grocery shopping. I made the boy some great hamburgers and then the boy and I tackled putting away Christmas decor. Frankly, I wanted to throw it all away-I was kinda over it. I re-arranged my living room and I am really loving it. I will post a photo later. The hubband went to work late Sunday and I had time to play around. I didn't scrap at all. I need to get my photoshop loaded so I can begin tackling 365. Have a great week!!

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