Tuesday, January 20, 2009

365 is just so daily

Today President Obama was sworn into office. It literally took over the television and my workplace. It is an exciting event and a comment on how far we have come as a people. I am concerned about the tremendous expectations that are upon him. I thought his speech was good-the parts I caught. This is my photo from today.
I haven't written for a while-not like me. Life can seem so mundane and not worth the writing but then when you make yourself, there are little bits scattered about that really represent you in real life.
So-what's up with us? The boy is taking individual coaching lessons for baseball (yeah you can roll your eyes now). It makes the husband happy, the boy benefits and I am free every Friday to do as I will so-why mess with it?? The boy is also playing basketball at the local church and he loves it. Me? Well, I am in a bit of a must-finally-clean-Christmas-but-really-would-rather-veg-on-couch-or-whip-up-new-recipe phase. I did finally drag all of the boxes out so I could do a bit each evening and the cleaning lady is coming Friday so I need to bust a move.
I have also been organizing. I hear this is a key avoidance tactic when avoiding tackling big issues (see cleaning up Christmas). I have made a health notebook for myself and am determined to get all of the appointments booked and going that I put off (dental, gyno, ortho, derma, etc) I may be broke in 2009 but I will be informed! I have cleaned up the scrap area and have even put away many random items that have been sitting in stacks for a while.
I am also contemplating getting my doctorate. Insane you say. I know it is. I have been kicking the idea around in my head for a while. Really the only thing holding me back is the cash ola. I have an almost 8,000 loan that I am paying back from my Masters so adding to it will not make the hubband happy. I will keep you all posted. Ta-ta for now.

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