Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey-I just realized that it has been forever since I has posted. I have nothing new to report. A lot of daily work and trying to keep my head above water. The boy did his baseball tryouts and we spent most of the weekend chillin. I was able to crop a page with my pal Nat. I also received a very sweet e-mail from a new friend who is going to bring me some treats-Yee Haw! nothing like fun treats.
I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Spring is on it's way-right??? I am ready for some warm weather.
Oh! and I received the results of my skin biopsy-nothing cancerish. Just freckles. It really makes you want to use lots and lots of sun screen! I am waiting to find out if I have a torn meniscus in my knees. I will know by next Tuesday. If not, shots to help me have some cushion. If so, surgery. Getting old is tough!!

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cstoler said...

I am right there with you. I do have a torn what you call it (LOL) but not so bad that I am ready to do anything.

Sunscreen is my best friend and I have to use it in the summer when I am driving. LOL You are so right about getting old. Just wait honey I am here to tell you that it gets worse. HAHA