Sunday, January 11, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Saturday I went to scrap sorority and Carol mentioned she liked my makeup. I told her the name of my base and when I got home, realized I had said the wrong name! So getting old. I was thinking about Jeannete who always does such informative entries so here are my first favorite things, makeup style! From the top: you see NARS? That is my favorite blush of all time. It is a stick and you just rub it over your cheeks. My shade is Maui which is a bit peach and a bit pink. Got it at Sephora. Next Clinique superfit. You can't beat them for good, basic base. Also from Sephora. I love, love, love my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It is SPF 20 and it is the illuminated one which means it has a wonderful sheen to it. Nest Diorshow waterproof mascara by Dior. All the young chickadees at my workplace use it and I do mean all-enough said. At Sephora-what a sup rise. To the right is Bobbie Brown lip gloss. They sell a kit with four of these babies in different shades. They are thick and I love a good, thick lip gloss. I first got these at Saks but then found them again at an outlet mall. Lastly is my Bobbie Brown grey and black combo. I use these 2 colors in some way almost every day. If have brown clothes on-I won't use them but otherwise you know I used these when getting glammed up in the morning.
Carol, I slept gooooood last night. I didn't read so I am thinking that is it. I slept from 12 until 9 am. I can honestly saythat I got to do everything I wanted to do this weekend-except put away Christmas and I may make myself do that a bit every night this week. I don't have that much out. Since we were at Disney I didn't feel the need to deck the halls as I usually do.
Everyone have a great week.
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cstoler said...

Glad to hear you solved the sleep issue pretty quick. That is always a good thing.