Thursday, January 8, 2009

Before I forget

This 365 can be a bear. I am not going to stress myself out and I know there may be many days where I don't get a shot. I am just recording this so I don't forget what days I took the photo for future reference. I photo from Tuesday would be organic, local grown veggies and fruit I picked up from the Houston co-op. Gotta love fresh stuff! I couldn't keep my hands out of the cherries on my way back.
Wednesday's photo will be of my new paper cutter. A purple cow. What a funny name. I had been searching online to decide which paper cutter to invest in and I had been wanting one of these for a while. They are about 56 bucks so I was looking for a place to buy one. Somewhere on some random site I saw that a lady had found one at Costco for much less but that they were not at all Costco's. Well wouldn't you know it but the hubby had recently told me that his work had given him a Costco card. He offered to take us last night so we did a quick run over there and it only took about 5 minutes to located said paper cutter and it was 26.00 dollars!! Yee-haa. For that price, I just put it in the basket and didn't even mention that I was going to use my Christmas money to buy it-ha!
We decided to do a lookey-loo around the store and 100.00 dollars later I smiled at the hubby and said, "see how that cheep that paper cutter was!" For the record the additional items that made their way into the basket were his.

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cstoler said...

I am just getting ready to get a Costco card myself. LOL

Where and what is Houston Co-op????? I need the know on that one.

The 365 is not meant to stress. You can use receipts or just plain junk for a day or just nothing. I refuse to stress myself out on anything. LOL Now doesn't that sound good.