Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I know for sure

I love that title. Stole it from Oprah. It is at the end of each of her magazines. I was planning on writing 41 things that I know for sure on my birthday, yesterday. Funny, I never got around to it, cause I was busy with real life!!
For anyone who would want to know (hi mom!) a birthday recap-
Woke up just like any other day. Rushed around like a crazy person at work (like most days). I met the hubband for lunch at Pappas seafood (yummers) where I was surprised with a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. I will post the photos later. Rushed back to work and then picked up the boy at the end of the day. I received gift cards from some dear friends throughout the day. Went to an open house at Chuck E Cheese. Came home and crashed early. This is my life.
Here is a beginning of my list of 41 things I know for sure: (start your own-I could use the wisdom!)
41-Friendship should be easy. Too much work and its not friendship.
40-Nice lounge clothes are a gift you give yourself
39- You will never regret taking 5 extra minutes to look nice. You will always regret running to the store in your pyjama bottoms and a T-shirt
38- Mexican food is the perfect food and can temporarily cure almost any problem.
37- Age appropriate clothing is essential.
36- Happiness and anger are choices.
35- God hears our prayers and like a parent, wishes we would call more often!

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JeanetteS said...

I love your list! I couldn't agree more about age-appropriate clothing too. :)