Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week in the life + give yourself a gift

There are two people in the scrap world that I really like. Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian. They both have challenges going on and I have been thinking about both. Ali's is about taking lots of photos throughout one week and then later, creating an album or a page about the week. Stacy's is about giving your self a gift by snapping ten or twelve photos of your life right now, compiling the photos in some way and carrying the album with you, tucked in your purse or desk drawer for one full year. You are supposed to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it out and then on October 1st, 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience. As with all online challenges, I immediately want to do it! I may even begin to gather materials a snap photos but then life usually gets in the way. Here is my compromise. I have been taking photos throughout this week. Usually at least one a day. I may do like a month in my life or I may do the gift thing or I may do nothing or both-here are my photos-random, but mine!!
I cleaned out my earring and have them back where they belong. I bought these cheap boxes at Hobby Lobby and they are so awesome for holding my earrings and are super easy for when I hit the road.
I LOVE Fall!! Everything about it!! I love the Autumn colors, all of our birthdays and our anniversary is in October. I love all the layouts on the covers of magazines. I cannot resist them!!
A small gathering of Halloweenie fun at our home.
An online class by Cathy Zeilske-birthday present from the hubband.
Quick shot of me. We took Christmas pictures on Saturday. We went all around downtown Houston and I can't wait to get the photos back from Reagan. She so rocks (to quote the boy).
I received a wonderful present from my pal June!! So filled with treats-what a wonderful surprise. Even more special because I know how busy she is (currently on the road) so I feel special that she thought of me.
A took a quick shot of the mail-There were lots of fun things for me in there. Usually we have 80% junk and 15% bills so this was really special. A surprise of a birthday card from my parents-so sweet!
On Sunday, I went over to Carol's for a stamp party. As I left I was handed a bag from Kim and Carol. They are so thoughtful. The bag is filled with yummy scrap treats that I hope to use very soon!!
This is the layout we made. It is super cute in real life and I am excited to put the photos that will look great in it. I am off to a retreat on Thursday in Lake Charles so I will blog from the road.
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Junie June said...

Hey Girl,
Love your new look. I want to see the Christmas photos when you get them...
Happy Birthday!!! June

cstoler said...

Love the Photo of the Months. Very cool idea. Thinking I might just have to scraplift again. LOL

Happy Birthday!!