Sunday, October 19, 2008

How do you know

How do you know you are attending a party created by a boy? Well the food will be oversized. How about ginormous turkey legs?
Music will be a major component. How about some Oktoberfest music anyone? anyone?
Grilling is also a good bet. Not one but two.
When the hubband said he wanted to throw and Oktoberfest for his divisions my theme-loving self was not too excited. I decided to be very laid back and have the festivities roll out as they should. In the end, it was fun. Lots of German food was shared-things I would not have normally eaten. The yard looks great and the house too. Parties are like that-they make you do those projects you have put off for too long.

Thinking about Carol today-Hope she is back in action from her surgery. Take care missy!!
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