Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is what ecstasy looks like. The boy has been wanting a DS "intendo" for so long. The boys went away for a great weekend of camping with some of their favorite friends. After a shower to get rid of all of the weekend washed off, the boys joined me for a special dinner out by the pool.
The boy blowing out candles of his luscious chocolate cake.
Me n da boy.
The boy eating and talking non-stop. We had oso bucco (Italian veal shank) and polenta.
All in all a good weekend.
And me? What did I do all weekend? Easy

Yes I spend the entire weekend reading and it was W O N D E R F U L. I only wish I had 10 more days like it.
to continue my list of 41 things I know for sure:
34-Blogs are public and it is wise to not post things that might hurt others
33- The ability for moms to forgive is amazing. We will forgive something from our children that would end a friendship from someone else.
32- Cramps are bad-really really bad and even the justification for massive chocolate eating does not make up for the mini labor pains.
31-Reading a good book is an indulgence that one should take as often as possible.
30- New shoes are just so so wonderful-I will let you know if they cause blisters.
Have a great week everyone!!

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