Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Funny for today

Today, I woke up SUPER late. The boy had a field trip so I felt tremendous pressure to get him to school on time. My hair is just getting long enough to pull up so I quickly did a small pony tail and threw on some clothes. I jumped in the car. They boy looks at me and says "Mom, who do you look like?" I said "I don't know honey-who do I look like?" I am thinking he is going to name someone on TV and I am going to feel so complimented-shoulda known better. He says, "Who was the first President?" I was like "umm... Washington?" "Yeah, Mom. Didn't he put his hair back like that in a tiny pony tail?" Does he even realize how many times he come close to getting creamed on a daily basis????
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Jen said...

That is too funny. Just like my kids...he better be glad he's cute!

Anonymous said...

I told K that her girl scout leader was going to be the most beautiful and smartest woman she knows and she said, "Mrs. Cassie?" (Her Barbie-looking cheerleading coach) Oh well.... Tell the boy that we said hi.