Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wow what a weekend

Well, as mentioned before this one was a doozy. Friday started off pretty much as expected. By 11:30 I found myself with our work crew at a beautiful park. It was just lovely. We had a fried chicken boxed lunch and then an exciting game of kickball. The first time I kicked and started to run my 2 knees said, "wha? you wanna what? run? you have got to be kidding!" I ignored my knees and had a great time. We left around 2 and then I wasted a bunch of time by wandering around various shops. I rushed to get ready and by 6:30 found myself holding seats a Sex in the City. It was a GREAT movie-just remember that there is actual SEX in the movie and if you should be in the company of say people who are younger and that you might supervise you might feel a bit weirded out. I would say it was a great date movie. We met a few of the boys at the bar in the complex and then headed over to So Vino. It was a way-cool wine restaurant in town. We found it on zaggats and I highly recommend it. We closed the join down in our own private eating area-it was a ball!! I got home around 2, took 2 Tylenols and then passed out. Miss V called and woke me at 10. I threw on some clothes and we headed to the outlet mall in Cy-Fair and walked. Did I mention my knees were killin me? Yeah-they had the last word. I ended up getting more than the girls I was with which is way unusual. We also hit Sephora and Mac at the Galeria. Miss V had to work at her parents place and I went to the grocery. At 9 I went to the Empanada house and had one. We ended up visiting a bit and I headed home at 10. Miss V reminded me to be careful and I was as we all know I live in the ghetto. Miss V and a friend stayed behind to have some wine. Miss V called me this morning to tell me that she was held up by gunpoint at 12:00 just outside her house. She is shaken but alive. They took only her purse. It is so sad, so evil. Miss V is such a positive gal I know she will take it in stride and rise above as she always does.

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