Friday, May 30, 2008

This is a cute watch that some very special friends gave me today. How appropriate. Time. It's time for summer, time for staying up later, for swimming more, for smiling more, for sweet watermelon. It's time to kick the word determined in gear and get a move on. This week I have let things go but I am turning over a new leaf in the morning. If you like the watch, click on the one below to see where you can get one:
Tonight I am SOOOoooooo excited. A group of special girls and I are going to see
these special girls and then to a very glam dinner. I am excited. Treating yourself can feel so good. I even have a cute dress (XL in regular size, thank you very much!) so I hope it is fun. They boys are going camping and fishing and I am going to have to weekend to myself. Ahhhh... the luxury of it all.
Have a great weekend ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Junie June said...

so fun - enjoy! chiao