Wednesday, June 4, 2008


That "Oh My Goodness!" for those who don't speak text. A dear friend and blogger extraordinaire tagged me. Jeanette, thanks for thinking of me! Ok, here goes!
Four Jobs That I Have Held: I am one of those crazy people who like to work and have had many!!
Sales clerk
Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
Silence of the Lambs (sick, I know but it sucks me in every time!)
Steele Magnolias (This must be on your list if from the South)
Sex and the City
Gone with the Wind (again, required southern belle movie)
Four Places That I Have Lived:
Houston, Texas
Rexburg, Idaho
Huntsville, Texas (Home of prisons and Sam Houston State U.)
Antofagasta, Chile (That's South America ya'll)
Four TV Shows That I Like:
Greys Anatomy
Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Jon and Kate Plus 8
I am going to add here channels I watch regularly:
Food network
Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
My mom (hi mom!!)
My hubband (I know how to spell, he has many nicknames)
Four Things You Do Almost Everyday Without Fail:
Shower and get myself dolled up
Tell myself that I will eat healthy all day
Wish for ice cream about 8pm
Think about how I wish I had more time with the boy each day
Four Favorite Foods:
If you know me AT ALL you know this already-MEXICAN we are talking beans, rice, cheese and chips people!!
Snowcones (blue coconut)
Anything sweet (cake, cupcakes, cookies etc)
Cheesecaky flan
Four Places I Would Rather Be:
In Greece with my Hubband
Anyplace tropical with my Hubband
Rolling in bed with the boy
In my kitchen cooking up a new recipe
Four People I am Tagging:
TAG your it!


JeanetteS said...

Steel Magnolias is a must! And what an adorable nickname for your 'hubband'. :)

cstoler said...

Thanks so much friend!!!! I am off to answer.