Monday, June 9, 2008

what day is it??

Last week was a bit hectic and I feel as though I am on a weekend although it is Monday. Thursday of last week, I volunteered at CKU. I was afraid to be late and ended up arriving super early. I had the chance to work with any of the teachers. Hmm.. Ali?? Tim?? Nope, I chose Lisa Bearnson. I had never met her and wanted to work with someone you can tell is just so sweet. What a dream come true!! She was sweet and thoughtful even though dealing with severe allergies from our wonderful H town weather. Here we are:
On Friday, we loaded up the SUV and headed out to Arkansas to a family wedding. We drove until we literally could not hold our eyes open. At 2 am we arrived and immediately crashed. We attended a lovely wedding that was very spiritual and sweet. I didn't have the presence of mind to take a shot of the gorgeous bride but I did take the opportunity to take a shot of three generations of men from the hubbands side. Here is my boy, the hubband and Papa, the grandfather.
After the wedding, we left the boy with the in-laws and headed to New Orleans for a conference. The hubband has worked from the room and I have gone to some great sessions. Now, we are off to dinner at Emerils' restaurant, Nola-yummo!!

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Junie June said...

Hey girl, looks like you are having a fun time. So glad the sessions are good. Call me when you get back.