Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some lovin

We were able to spend the night over at my in-laws to celebrate Father's Day. My hubband did a wonderful shrimp and oyster fry. I scored a new flat screen from the Father-in-law. He is a tech fan and always has new, wonderful toys. This fabbo flat screen was shoved in a corner of a guest bedroom that is never used. I could not wait to get it home and set it at the top of my scrapbook room shelf. I am on a mission to organize this space better and this was a first step as the TV in here was unwieldy. Yahoo!!!!!!!!
This is the hubband outside NOLA, one of Emeril's three restaurants in New Orleans. This was a my 2nd visit and his first. The food is scrumptious!!
Dessert at another New Orleans favorite, K-Paul's. It is owned and operated by Paul Prudome, a well-known Cajun chef. I ate it so fast, I forgot to take a photo. It was a creme brulee with a praline on the bottom. Orgasmic is the only word that suffices.
Any surprise and I am dusting off my word, determined, for tomorrow. I need to get back on track.

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JeanetteS said...

I've been to Nola too although it's been a long while. I'd love to go back.

Hope all is well!