Monday, March 24, 2008

Week and weekend review

I am freakin just a bit about preparing to go to Inspired. I spent a few hours creating a checklist of the photos and materials that I need to get and get together. I will be done but I know I have to make it a priority!! This is a photo of the swap I am hosting. The rolodex cards are so gorgeous and I cannot wait to pass them out at the event!!
I made some red velvet cupcakes to take the event mentioned below. Yummers.
We went to an event with all of the family members from the hubbands' side of the family. It was a beautiful Saturday and the country side was gorgeous. You can click on the phot and see the country and the family playing softball. So fun! So relaxing! So hope we do it again.
Here is the boy after being reminded that the Easter bunny had left him treats on the chimney seat. He was heading ouside to look for eggs and treats. Thank goodness the bunny leaves things inside so we don't have to hunt at 7:30 am without proper undergarments on!!!
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