Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It is officially hump day of our Spring break!! I have had a great break and continuously think "oh I should have taken a photo of that" after the event or moment has past. It may be laziness... that is encouraged over Spring Break. Saturday, the boy had football, as always and then we loaded him and my friend Jenn up and headed to the Woodlands where the boy went with the Mimi (picture not taken). Jenn and I embarked on our weekend get away. She lost her hubbie recently and we wanted to get away! We indulged in some yummo seafood and lots of giggles. Late that evening her friend (now also my friend) Kelly joined us for the get away. We further indulged in shopping, shopping and more (you guessed it!) shopping. The mall, Old Town Spring and antiques in Montgomery. We ate great food and entertained each other with stories and anecdotes. Monday we headed home and back to reality. The rest of my time has been a blur-truly. Today the boy was transferred from Mimi to the in-laws-that boy has it made. I went to see some newly born twins (cute-major cute) and basically piddled around. I got some precious material and trim for 1 of the 3 poppets I will make at Inspired. PTF (photo to follow) Did I mention I found both cameras??
I challenge all you bloggers to write a new entry DANGIT. If you are reading this, go write something-you know who you are!!!

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