Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend part deaux

Sorry I am a bad blogger right now and that is SO not like me. Here are my excuses:
  1. I cannot find my cameras. Yes that implies plural and I cannot find them. Ever been missing something and you are so afraid you won't find them you are reluctant to begin looking? Bingo!
  2. Work has been how shall we say.... active? I would love to express more here REALLY I would but I just won't and it pains us all.

That's it in a nutshell. This week we went to the rodeo. Evidently hell froze over and we got the overflow. I have never felt such cold wind-and I even lived in Idaho for a while. Tim Magraw is cute-the hubbands hero but I prefer the hubband. He took a half day off to take the boy to the carnival. Gotta love the fact that we all really never grow up.

Friday I spent with some pals tooling around town. Saturday was football (the boy was MVP) . I announced that I had plunged my last pile o' poop and we headed off to buy new toilets. 500.00 buckeroos later, I found myself looking at boat storages. Tit for Tat? Poop for boat?

Afterward, we decided that if we only purchased a big screen TV for the bedroom and a Coach purse for me that our lives would be complete.

At 4:00 pm we gave up and headed home. I had a surge of energy about 5 and the next thing I knew I was at the grocery-What is wrong with that??!! So many things. But the boy and the hubband got movies and pizza and the hubband brought the groceries in so not too shabby.

Sunday, the boys were getting dudded up for church when I mentioned "the change" ie Spring forward. Needless to say, they had missed church. The hubband got sleepy and then went to work. They boy and I ran errands and then I made a Nigella dish, chicken cacciatore. It was yummers. The boy was reluctant and I even got some stealth broccoli in there but he loved it.

Wanna laugh? Go read the pioneer woman. She makes me giggle and that is hard to do.
Enough blogger penance-I am out. Later.

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Junie June said...

u r killin me! i'm a bad blogger to - i confess