Friday, November 16, 2007

What the Haaaaa... and yes I am working on the header!!

How did I skip from Tuesday to Friday? What happened?? There is just no explanation. Here are today's highlights:
  1. Up at 6 am
  2. Get boys out the door
  3. Vacuum and hide last minute mess
  4. Peeps from work show up early
  5. Get breakfast going
  6. Meet (I facilitate)
  7. Heat/cook lunch (gumbo)
  8. Clean
  9. Boss arrives and facilitates pm
  10. Peeps leave
  11. Pick up the boy
  12. Boy fesses up to bad note
  13. Boys gets in BIG trouble
  14. Boys get into bed
  15. All is quiet and its only 6:30.

All the day's news in 15 lines. What am I thankful for? For a hubband who can make a mean gumbo. For people I love to work with. For a boss who thinks I am great. For a child who still wants a hug after the BIG trouble has been liberally applied to the backside. For quiet. For a clean scrap room just waiting for me to dive in.
This weekend? Saturday morning is the football championship for the Boy. Saturday afternoon is the wedding of a co-worker. Sunday is Texans v the Saints and tailgating. It is going to be a busy weekend!!

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Junie June said...

Hang in there you party animal! I don't think it is going to stop until January 2nd.