Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well well.. what to be thankful for?
Much like some of my compatriots, this week has been challenging and it's only Tuesday!! Well 15 minutes past Tuesday... does that tell you anything???
The husband had a both fender bender today as a result of a quick stopper in front and a no stopper in back. He is fine and the Jeep will be fixed. We are both grateful for so many things surrounding that peice of news.
I have a bad headache which will not go away but I am thankful for pain medication which will soon take it away. It is probably a sign that my ole' friend is due to come visiting this month-gotta love being a girl!!
I have some folks who work with me who will be at my home on Friday. I could let my self get all stressed out about cleaning and such but I am just taking it one day at a time and getting done what I can.
I CANNOT believe that Thanksgiving day is just around the corner and thus Santa is on his way. Just not going to think about that! Saw both Martha and Paula Dean make stuffing tonight and now I just want to stay home and bake for large crowds of people.
I am thankful. I don't want to list items, I just want to sit with the word gratitude and let it sink in.


cstoler said...

I am so glad Dorian was OK. I also had a fender bender over the weekend. A gal behind me decided to go even though the light was red. I had the baby, Madelyn and Sarah with me and am grateful no one was hurt and there really was no damage.

Junie June said...

OMG, I'm glad Dorian is alright. I'm sure he must be sore from it, please tell him I am praying for no soreness!! I'm going to call you a baking fool!