Sunday, November 18, 2007

It musta been the Gumbo

Hi all. It has been a busy but good weekend. Friday, you already read about. Saturday in the am was the boys final game. He made it to the finals. We headed home and that's when reality hit the hubband upside the head. You know those days when you are tired, overwhelmed and see no break ahead? Yep that is what happened. We had committed to go to a wedding of a co-worker and had a full day scheduled for Sunday. So as reality sank in, some serious sadness and pouTness hit home. We still headed out in the rain to the wedding which, of course was fun ('specially the reception!). We got home late, gave a small down-payment to the babysitter and then crashed. We woke early and were almost delirious as we thanked Heavenly Father for the rain as that meant we couldn't run out and tailgate. Instead we had everyone over here for a feast of gumbo, boudain, sausage, green bean casserole, stuffing and key lime pie. I had a major case of the don't want to's so I opted out of the game and worked on a calendar for my sister-in-law who loves the boy (he is lucky to have some fans). Now the hubband is dropping the boy off to the in-laws in the country so he can spend time with the aforementioned sister-in-law and her family. We will join him on Wednesday. I am in total denial about Christmas coming round the corner. I am trying to relax and enjoy each day as it comes. Hard to do at times!! Today I am thankful for a win for the Texans against the Saints.

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cstoler said...

Well first off I am dying to know how you did the "If there was a Santa". Second I still want a lesson on the header, although I think I am getting closer on that and I think there is a story about the boy getting in trouble. NOTE??? I am feeling for the boy you know. Have a great thanksgiving and can we plan on cropping soon. I have missed your smile.