Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home again, home again jiggidy jig...

Well, I am home again and happy to be getting into something that looks like a routine. Here are my current gratitude's:
  1. For sounds of wrestling, giggling and hay-yah! karate chops coming from the bedroom.
  2. For a bed you purchased and love coming home to.
  3. For husbands who pick you up from the airport LATE at night, roll down the passenger window so you can see the precious one asleep and then pauses to kiss you before loading the heavy suitcase.
  4. For the boy who has lavished me with kisses and hugs since being home.
  5. For payday on Tuesday.
  6. For friends who have to write daily on their blogs!! I love reading and thanks Carol for the compliment!
  7. For the gifts that we have been given.
  8. For celebrity chefs, for their genius, for their restaurants, for our opportunity to enjoy them.
  9. For weight watchers-to combat number 8.
  10. For a good horchatini. I have found a great cocktail.


Junie June said...

Welcome Home my Friend, I have missed you!! Got your message will call and catch up - maybe tomorrow.

Kim said...

What's an horchatini???

Welcome home, darlin!

cstoler said...

Can't wait to taste 10 regardless of what it is. Glad you had a great time. It is so much fun going and so much better coming home.

Are you thinking of CKC at all???