Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend in review

When I called my mom to check on the boy she made me promise to eat at many fabulous restaurants and to tell her about them. Ever the "good girl" I have made good on my promise. Also, as I am standing firmly in the "4-0" I no longer trust my memory. So here is the weekend in review.
Friday we rushed like maniacs to catch the plane. It was stressful to think about missing a plane but it was nice not to have to wait a lot. We landed in Las Vegas in the evening and ate dinner at one of those terrible Mexican cafes in the airport. The longer I sat there, the more grossed out. Who would have thought that with some pre-cooked chicken, chips, tortillas and cheese one could create a full menu restaurant. We arrived late into San Fran and had room service. Calamari (yum!)
Saturday, we woke up early and headed down to the ferry plaza farmer's market. Ok-that was FAB O. Just picture tons of fresh fruits and veggies outside and just wonderful shops inside. I could have spent all day.... My favorite was Miette. You just had to be there!! We sampled until we were going to pop and then headed back for a nap. For lunch we ate in nearby Chinatown. We had dim sum at The Great Eastern. It was yummo but we are very inexperienced and ended up with waaaay too much dim sum. We had planned to go to another asian place for dinner but the hubbands bosses invited us to dinner. We went to fleur de lys for a very fancy Frenchie dinner. We ate three courses. I had a duo of foie gras (duck pate) that was very good. I also enjoyed a great California cheese plate and some chocolate souffle.
Sunday, we got up early again and headed out to the fisherman's wharf. We had breakfast at the crepe cafe on the wharf. We also enjoyed looking at the famous sea lions. We then headed up to ghiradelli square and had a yummy sundae. The hubband sent chocolate to his office mates not attending the conference this week and then we walked more and more. We ended the tour with lunch at popei's grotto which was so very fresh and delicious. We returned to the hotel for a nap and then I picked out a place for dinner. We went to 1300 Fillmore. It has only been open 8 days and it was AWESOME. If you are ever in San Fran you must go. We met the chef, his wife and the floor manager. It was a southern/jazz joint and it was such a fun place.
Today, I slept as long as possible, went down for breakfast (am fascinated with trying out oatmeal in nice restaurants) and then went shopping on union square. It is the high end area for shopping so I didn't crack open the wallet much. I bought some nice black walking shoes at Macys and then took a cab to this cool joint where they hand make plus size clothing. Can you say HIGH dollar??!! They were moving to a new location so I ended up getting a 300.00 white linen trench for 38.oo. I felt as if the san fran shopping faeries had sprinkled dust on me. Tonight we have a cocktail hour with the customers from the conference. I will be packing up the suitcase and heading out V-E-R-Y early for Chicago. If I should have wireless there, I will catch anyone who is interested up. Re-reading this, it sounds as if we just eat the whole time-remember, I am highliting the restaurantts for mi-mi! I have literally walked my feet off since I have been here.


Kim said...

Enjoy the conference, sweet girl! See you soon!

Junie June said...

Sounds like you are having fun. Can't wait to hear more when you get back. Any vineyards? Just curious. God Bless You!

cstoler said...

The walking should help counter the eating. LOL You are on vacation after all. Have a great time and see you when you come back.