Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend in review

Friday was a suprise as I was able to meet "the girls" for Leann's birthday. Kim is looking great and I was glad to touch base with Carol again. I came home and feel straight to sleep. Saturday was rush, rush, rush as we had Christmas phots (ala Reagan at Lyone eye) and then football practice and game. If you would like to see lots of photos of the boy in action, click the picture below.
My mom met up with us and then we went to eat at Esclantes. She and I hit Talbots outlet and then back home. The husband and I were able to get a date in that evening. We hit Churrasco's and then a movie (kingdom-depressing!). This morning we had laid back quite a bit and I did make a run to Super Target for groceries. Life is good!!
Hello everyone out there who reads and whom I have not seen in a while (Mary, Barbara, Kristi and June!!)

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cstoler said...

They boy looks great!!!