Thursday, October 4, 2007


You are just not gonna believe...
Since I banged up my foot, I have been in a major lazy phase and Tuesday of this week was no exception. I go to work but once I am home it is all about pijamas and comfort! I was laying on the couch with my ankle all propped up and my cellie rang. I asked "the boy" to run and get it. I usually yell as he runs, "and don't answer it!" because in my work, I have lots of calls and not all of them need to be answered. For some reason, I didn't yell that-I hate screening anyway. So, of course, I hear "the boy" talking to someone and then he hands me the phone. The next thing I know I am talking to Bill Downey.
That's right-DONNAs husband!! He just called to say that all is well with the retreat and that they wanted to touch base. Wowza. What a treat. I know this will not happen again because her retreats will take off and become huge. What a nice thing to do-so-thanks Bill, you made my day!
Also, today I registered for the "charmed I'm sure" class at By Design on the 13 this month. I am excited to take a class with Tami Sanders from One heart, one mind.

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Junie June said...

Is that so awesome that Bill Downey called! He called here too and of course I wasn't here to talk to him, but I do have a message from him on the recorder. I thought that was so incredibly cool! I'm gonna try and post something today. Sorry I've been so lame!