Thursday, May 31, 2007

The excitement is growing

Can I just say-- TIM HOLTZ!!
He is going to be in San Antonio this weekend so I am off to see my dear dear June bug and crash in her beautiful home. Road trip!! I can feel the excitement brewing inside of me. I LOVE road trips, I love spending time with Junie and I love having the opportunity to grow artistically. Combine that with great company on the way up there and back and Wowsa-what a weekend!! I am also lucky to have such a wonderful hubband who is taking the Boy fishing so they will also have a great weekend.
The boy said something today that was so funny that is bears telling-but I don't think I can do it justice online. If you know me, ask me. Since I have little to no memory-tell me to tell you the Shrek story. He is so grown and so innocent at the same time. He is loving his summer program and I am so grateful to find good quality programs.

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