Friday, May 25, 2007

It is done.. well for now

Hi all. It's been a while. I haven't had much to say. I was having a rough winter and then enjoying the sprouting of Spring and then gearing up for the final push that is the EOY (end of year) for us. Now, I am taking some deep breaths and enjoying the quiet. Today was a rush of hugs and paperwork, confessions and appreciations. I love what I do and everyone here works so hard. The boy and his mi-mi are at home and we are going to break off into boy-hubband and mi-mi me teams to do things each groups enjoy (which will have Chinese buffet and which will shop?? hmmm!)
I have some dear friends and I have been reading their blogs about scrap drama. Here it is for me in a nutshell. Friendship isn't hard. When you love hanging with someone-you love it. When hanging with someone is a drag or it leaves you emotionally drained that's not friendship. Second, I love creating stuff. I love people who love it too. I love stores that carry stuff I love to create with. I love it when it is on sale. I left highschool ## years ago and I am too old and time is too short to get involved in scrap school drama. I am proud of those who are shopping somewhere else. My totals are small but all together they do matter. It is sad to see 2 people who seem to be so kind run a store with such bad climate and culture. Moving on!!
I can't wait for the Lone Star Elsie Road Trip!!!!
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