Monday, April 2, 2007

It's how you slice it

Ask me about my weekend... Go on... We went to quintana beach with one of our very best couple friends and their 2 boys. How will I answer? I all depends on how you slice it. I could say...
*It rained all weekend and everytime you stepped out of the trailer, you got water to the knee
* A trailer, constant rain and three boys is not a good mix
* We returned tired and water logged
Or I could say...
* Time with friends is never wasted
* The new recipe for the new snack from Mrs. C was worth the whole trip
* The boy and the hubband were happy campers!
* Memories were made-and I remembered to take some photos
Its all how you slice it.
Here are some photos-just click and it will take you there.


Kim said...

You're too darling, Mechiel! I love your thoughts, really is all about how we slice it.
Big hug!

cstoler said...

My take on life. The glass is always half full or half empty. Depends on how you want to look at it. Love the pics.