Monday, April 9, 2007

Funny Bunny

No suprise to many that after my heart wrenching confessions about my plumpness, I found that it was PMS induced and quickly moved on. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. I am so motivated now and so blessed with wonderful friends and family. I am hoping to have a trainer soon and am going to be in a group to keep me honest.
Now onto Easter. We sent the boy with the Paw-paw who took him to the Mi-mi and we joined them at their house on Saturday. The hubband felt that dying eggs was essential and so we did. Paw-paw saved the day with some vinegar in the garage. We had the boy pick the colors and they were just lovely.
We got silly with the eggs and took many silly shots.
The boy was a bit confused. When he woke up he was glad to see the basket but he was convinced that the rabbit had left eggs hidden in the grass outside. Since we were experiencing unseasonally COLD weather we assured him that it wasn't so and moved on....
Next, we were on to the Mamaw and Papa's house where we hid the boiled and dyed eggs first and then the plastic ones. The boy felt it would make the hunt last longer if we did it that way! Ha!
Love these men.
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