Sunday, March 25, 2007

Very Full Weekend

Hi everyone-
I can't believe it is almost 8 on Sunday. Here is the lowdown on our weekend (if you are interested!).
Friday-cropping with the girls. This is the highlight of my week. I was able to complete the recipe cards and now they are ready to be laminated. The location was full of the usual frustrations but I refuse to get involved in the High School drama. Needless to say, I think I will spend less and less time there.
Saturday I was up with the rooster trying to prepare for the painters to come. I was very excited for the project to get revved up. I had to leave at 7:30 to get to a training and my partner in work crime was with me. It was a good training and now I can say that I have been. It is one that you keep hearing people mention and I am not one to be out of the loop. After that was over at 3ish, I came home to find painting in high gear. No matter how you prepare, they have to move stuff and so there was some chaos to deal with. I REALLY needed a nap but instead went and washed my car. Lexie was very dusty. We freshened up and the hubband and I went out on a double date to hear a Christian band called Salvador. It was held in a Spanish speaking church on the north side of town and when we walked in late the band that was playing was not good. I was struggling to keep a good attitude. Then they announced the band we had come to see. The singer came up and suddenly, I found myself very interested. I am not one for silly crushes but this man was Q-T!!! It was a pleasure to listen to songs in Spanish and English. Got home around 10:30 and had to clean off spots for us to sleep. [Can paint fumes cause brain damage?]
Sunday, I slept in and then the Boy and I headed off to a local Arts Festival. They have it every year but I have never gone. It was really nice and I want to make sure and go every year. I would like to take a couple of thousand with me to purchase art also! Afterward, we headed home and swam for a few minutes and then I began to put the house back together in the rooms they painted. I can't wait for it to be all done.


Kim said...

You go, girl! Sounds like an exhausting weekend, but one full of fun as well. Can't wait to see the work you've had done!

leann said...

We missed you girl. All the drama and all that. We'll catch up. Hope you have a great week and can get some rest.

leann said...
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