Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beds, basketballs and barf

I feel as though a truck is sitting on my head. We went to the Rockets game last night and my eyes did not shut until 1 this moanin. I passed tired and now in exhausted city!! Wa-wa-wa.

The boy got to experience a new babysitter and the house was still standing when we returned so all is well.

The hubband was invited to go to this event by someone courting his company. We were able to watch the game from a suite and and it was sweet! Drinks, food, treat and all free-life was good....
That is until I got sick and went to the ladies to barf-some got on my shirt-cleaned up by enjoyed the smell rest of the game-yuck.
Oh well-focusing on the positive, it was a really great game and I like the Toyota center.


Kim said...

Sounds like fun! Wish we could get courted in our jobs!!

cstoler said...

Fun fun fun. When did fun leave ya feeling like caca. LOL Must have something to do with age:) I am glad you had a good time.