Sunday, February 4, 2007

These are the moments

Our boy never forgets-really. I take him to the video store tonight so he can rent How to Eat Fried Worms (kid flick). We also go by the store to get football snackin foods. When I return home I mention that I meant to grab some ice cream to go with a cobbler I was making for the hubband.

Fast forward to bed time when he informs me he cannot go to bed because I had said he could have some chips n dips AND ice cream. Trying to keep my word, he gets three chips with dip and I serve him a small cobbler and ice cream.

When he stays up later and doesn't take a nap, he is going to cry at bed time-still I hate it. I lay down to read a book with him. I grab The Three Javelinas which is a variation on the Three Little Pigs.

Being a Spanish speaker, I am reading javelinas with spanish flavor so instead of Javelina it sounds like Havelinas (the J makes the H sound in Spanish). So, I am reading along and he is listening and I am loving it. Out of the clear blue, the boy, " Hey mom, I bet their favorite holiday is Halloween." HUH?? I am looking him and he continues, "You know it sounds like their names-Halloweenas, Halloween, it must be their favorite holiday. Do you think they named themselves after Halloween??" Precious. Coudn't wait to giggle with the hubband in the kitchen.

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