Sunday, February 4, 2007


I am in wrought iron heaven.
I have been drooling over this bed for MONTHS. I saw it at IKEA and then was going to do the wait for a sale thing. Time passed-no sale. I logged on just to make sure it wasn't gone and it was listed cheaper than before. I couldn't get over there fast enough, convinced it was on sale and leaving the store only to find that our IKEA is privately owned and therefore not the less expensive one. I made a quick call to my Sugar Daddy (aka the hubband) who almost always wisely says, "You should just get it". And so.. I did. My version on a Super Sunday!!
Speaking of and on a funny note, I was asked to participate in a Super Bowl football pool. I said yes even though I like football only for the tailgating and in my single days, the players. I won!! I won 2 of the quarters so that means 100 buckeroos for me. The sugar daddy insisted on reminding me that I had not yet offset the cost of the bed. Dang that reality!!

Here are some precious shots of the Boy. I was trying to capture the tooth. He is pretty willing to be "shot" but I think we pushed the dad to the limit as we played at our favorite Mexican joint.
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