Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh Heaven's! It's 2007!!

The boy had the adenoids out and the tubes in with realtively no drama. We have enjoyed the time to hang at home. We have been very sad the hubband has to work so much.
BB (before baby) I used to really enjoy breaks like these when I had stretches of time to piddle in the house, clean, organize, rearrange and decorate. With the birth of the boy and the advent of crawling which led to walking, those stretches of uninterrupted time were, well, interrupted. This week was a celebration of the Spring of those days reborn. The boy is 5 and now has the ability to need my attention at a pace that he and I are both happy with. He is also excellent at pushing things for me and taking out trash. As a result, I have been able to revamp his room to something that is worth living in. PTF (photos to follow).
Anywhoo rambling here.. I am waiting on one of my dearest friends, Jennifer. She has found a temp nest for her 3 lilluns and we are going to paint the town red. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful 2007.

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