Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Resolution Hangover

It's Tuesday but it feels like a Monday. Everyone is full of resolutions and good intentions. My New Year's resolutions are...
1- Move more (bike, walk, YMCA)
2- Give up sugar and caffeine
3- Be there, really there for the boy (he is so precious and just keeps on growing!)
I am not going to beat myself up that I have already blown most of that today but am going to rededicate myself each day.
Conversation from tonight:
M-Hey! Look at the moon (it was a beautiful moon)
the boy- I thought the moon was like this (starts drawing in the air)
M- it is round like a ball but we can only see it like one flat side
the boy-no mom, like this, like a J
M-oh, like a crescent. The moon changes shapes because something is in front of it (mom brains sends urgent signal...what IS in front of the moon??)
the boy- what is in front of the moon mom?
M- (mentally smacking myself) I am not sure babe, something, like a planet
the boy- (placing his hand to the side of his mouth going to share a BIG secret) probably where the aliens live mom.. or maybe God.
M- you might be right babe
the boy- Yeah, I am right.

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