Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back to life, back to adenoids

I can't say the season is over 'cause we still have the New Year to ring in but, we are in that last burst of '06 to-do's. The boy will have tubes put in and adenoids taken out very early in the a.m. I keep telling myself that this is no biggie and that TONs of kids get these.. that rides over the normal mom fear brewing under the surface. I guess you can't take a trip to the hospital without feeling a little fear-right? He is a big strong boy and he will be fine. I am looking forward to the promised ice cream fest tomorrow afternoon.
Mom and Dad came over today and delivered my shelf Dad made-what a treat!! Photos to follow. It feels good to make space for creating things.
Lots of post Christmas shopping today!! Way fun!! Thanks hubbie!!

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